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пятница, 14 октября 2011 г.

Easy Bow Tutorial

источник Easy Bow Tutorial

One of my favorite things to make with Bonnie's GORGEOUS ribbons is hair jewelry for my daughters.  I have made many styles and varieties of hairbows, some super easy, and some that even I don't want to try again! LOL.
This bow set that I made with the Christmas Ribbon Club Assortment is kind of on a medium skill level.
I am going to try to break it down and show you all what I do to create that bow...

First, you will need to gather your supplies...
(a yard of each style you use)
hot glue gun
size 20 cotton crochet thread
Stiffen Stuff

FIrst, to create the large base bow, I layered 3 ribbons and used the Fabri-fix to join them together to create "One" ribbon.  I used about a yard of each style. 

I then create a 4 loop bow securing it together with my cotton crochet thread.
To do this, I create a loop, tie and secure with the thread...
create the 2nd loop...tie and secure
create 3rd loop...etc. Below is what it will look like after all 4 loops are created.
You want to make sure to ALWAYS keep the patterns to the outside of the loop.

Then you will creat your spikes and use your lighter to heat seal the ends.

Then use another piece of the cotton thread to tightly secure the spikes together.

The next 4 photos show you step by step how to create the loopy part of the bow.  
Each loop is created and secured with a dab of hot glue.

And the final loopy part will have 4 loops of equal size and be trimmed and secured with hot glue.
Below is the layering structure of the bow.  
You will notice that each layer was created separately and layered individually.
Each layer that is added will be put in place with just a TINY dab of hot glue and then once all layers are placed in, you will use the cotton thread to TIGHTLY secure the layers together.
You will want to wrap it a few times SUPER TIGHT to secure the layers.

The final step is to add your center knot and clip.
**I have shown how to add your clip in previous tutorials

For this particular bow, I added a resin piece to the center.  I don't always.

Before I consider ANY bow complete, 
I use Stiffen Stuff on it to help shape and stiffen the loops.
You simply spray it on until the ribbon is saturated, 
then use your hair dryer to dry it. 
As it dries, it stiffens into the shape that it is in
 and it will HOLD that shape for quite a while.
SO..I highly recommend that you shape your bow...
pull, twist, turn and stretch it while it is still wet until you have achieved the look you want.
then, blow dry that baby till it's stiff!
Here is the stuff that I use....

The next series of photos is simply a step by step photo tutorial of how to make the matching Christmas tree clippie.  I think it is self explanatory...but if you have any questions, feel free to ask! 

I truly hope this tutorial helped to answer some questions 
that some of you may have.
As always, you may send questions through Bonnie or to myself, 
and I will do anything I can to help out.  I hope this inspires 
some of you to make some holiday bows for the special little girl in your life...
or even to make a few for gifts!  I cant think of any little "girly girl" who wouldn't LOVE
 to receive a super special bow for Christmas! 

Thanks for visiting us today!  Have a FANTABULOUS DAY!!!!


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